Virginia Living Magazine

In an interview with Virginia Living Magazine about the Advanced Cyber Security Track in relation to the High School being recognized, Michael Miklich, Founder and Board Member of iForCE, was informed the Advanced Cyber Security was the only one of its kind in existence in Virginia, which earned the program a special feature insert in their October 2013 State of Education issue.

iForCE in King William County, VA

A High School (Christ Chapel Academy) in Virginia currently using ourAdvanced Cyber Security Track has been recognized by Virginia Living Magazine as one of the top 15 High School’s in the innovative STEM category purely because of their use of iForCE’s Advanced Cyber Security Track.


AOL Jobs

Mariya Pylayev does an excellent job in her article describing both iForCE’s program and cyber securtiy job demand. The article focuses on how iForCE’s program is attracting females to STEM, cyber security, and ethical hacking specifically.


Prince William Times

The following article provides some details about the program in use, the impact it is having on the school’s community, especially in terms of non-traditional STEM participation, and the goals of the program.

iForCE and Facebook

Facebook shares our sentiment that Cyber Security is an in-demand field without the workforce to support the need.


Not Just High School

The iForCE program has proven to be effective both in and out of the classroom. An adult hoping to change careers followed the curriculum provided by iForCE and passed the certification he was seeking.


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